Current Customers

Surf the Internet With Ease

With download speeds of up to 50 Mbps, the whole family can share just one connection!  Perfect for school, work, shopping, or just browsing the Internet.

Stream Your Favorite Movies & TV

CableSouth Media3's broadband internet turns your living room into a movie theater with your favorite online streaming services!


Play Your Favorite Online Games

Grab a controller and get competitive!  CableSouth Media3's internet is perfect for all your online games.

Get online with the fastest internet service around, and connect all your devices with CableSouth Media3's lightning-fast in-home WiFi, for one low, monthly rate. With speeds up to 50Mbps, there's never been a better reason to let Media3 bring the rest of the world to your home.

CableSouth Media3 offers several tiers of internet service depending on where you live. Call us at 1-866-257-2044 to find out about specifics in your area!